About the event

The future of wealth event series has been designed to provide delegates with insight into the ways that our industry is changing, why it is changing and what they can do to position their practices and their licensees to benefit from the opportunities which are created.  Using our long standing and unique position in the industry we will be pulling together the key thinkers from politics, industry bodies and business.  The aim is to create a forum which encourages discussion, allowing delegates to ask questions and helping them get into the details on key areas of concern. The Future of wealth series is unique in that we don’t just discuss issues, but we report and publish our findings, we then use these findings to drive positive change in the industry. We are actively following up with the FSC on the common reporting standards we discussed in August 2018 on the Gold Coast.  


2019 will be an interesting year for superannuation as a result of the Federal Election, a possible change in direction on key policy initiatives such as insurance inside superannuation and, of course, the final findings and recommendations of the Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry.  


The superannuation agenda will look at the superannuation legislation which passed through Parliament in 2019 and how and why this will affect superannuation funds, while also examining the road thrust of the Productivity Commission’s findings and whether they stand up to scrutiny. This will be allied to the financial impacts on superannuation funds and the continuing regulatory imperative driving fund mergers.